A Fraud Free Online Test Platform

A Cloud Based Online Test Platform For Conducting Tests Over Mobile Handsets & Tabs In A Fraud-Free & Secured Environment. Best Suited For Tution Centers, Colleges, Recruiters & Companies.

How it works?

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Design Test

Design Tests based on various categories,subects & chapters.

Add Questions

Create New Questions,Add Questions from Question Bank

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Schedule and Assign Tests on a group of candidates or single candidate.


Report and Analytics to assess the candidates performance.

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  • Proprietary mobile app shield application to stop cheating and fraud during examinations.
  • Blocks whatsapp, Instagram , facebook apps.
  • Blocks SMS, Calls during the exam.
  • Allows internet connectivity to SPOTTEST only.
  • Blocking can be initiated based on Geofencing ,Time of Day, Business rules etc.
  • UseCases : Can be installed and configured into BYOD mobile phones for selective blocking of Application during class hours for both staff and students.
  • Uninstallation of spotshield can be remotely be detected and monitored.

Multiplayer Game Mode

  • Spottest can be used in multiplayer mode where in multiple participants can answer their views and based on each view a different scenarios can be projected to opponents.
  • Can be played from any locations and off class too.
  • Can keep students intrigued and help them learn the subjects too.
  • Allows internet connectivity to SPOTTEST only.
  • Blocking can be initiated based on Geofencing ,Time of Day, Business rules etc.
  • Faculties can monitor the overall scenario and can also participate.
  • The application is in development stage and can be built into comprehensive platform with consultation with Nirma.

Question Format

  • Image File: Show a crime scenario and questions to students to find key elements.
  • Video File: Play A video file and ask questions to students about video.
  • Play Audio: sound and ask students.
  • Give Simple MCQ and ask students to answer.
  • Question can be explanatory in nature where students can put their views.

Generic Features

  • Easy to prepare, conduct & manage examinations.
  • Cost effective.
  • Scheduler.
  • Multilingual Question Paper can be written in various language or formats too.
  • Alerts & notifications for exam reminders.
  • Location Free.
  • Staffs can monitor activities of each students during the examinations in terms of total questions attempted and mark secured etc, over his or her mobile handset from anywhere.
  • Availability of Question bank helps preparation of question apers in short time.
  • Whatsapp grouping helps in selective assignment of different Question paper sets for same exam in small class.
  • QR Code based Attendance.
  • Invigilators can login & write their own invigilator reports on completion of exam or any issues etc.
  • Central synching of data with remote cloud.
  • Results are visible immediately thus help in positive feedback loop to enhance skill.
  • Reports and analytics
  • Mobile Apps for Students, Staffs & Parents
  • Mock tests for Practice.